Why Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Is On Love Is Blind (2024)


  • Francesca Farago attended the Love Is Blind reunion at Damian Power's invitation, causing tension with Giannina Gibelli.
  • Francesca and Damian were never in a romantic relationship.
  • Damian and Giannina had a harsh breakup - just days ago, the two reconciled.
  • Francesca is now in a happy relationship with Jesse Sullivan and expecting a baby.

Francesca Farago, who appeared on Too Hot To Handle, showed up in the Love Is Blind: After The Altar season 1 reunion, but why was she there? The reality star made her television debut when the first season of THTH began streaming on Netflix in April 2020. While filming the show, she developed a relationship with her costar, Harry Jowsey. Two years later, Francesca starred in Perfect Match season 1, which further outlined her connection to Love Is Blind.

After Francesca and Harry broke up post-THTH season 1, she began playing the field. In July 2020, she was spotted on a date with Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino. However, the relationship never progressed further. In September 2020, she confirmed he was in a relationship with the reality star, but that relationship fizzled as well. At that point, Francesca was rumored to be dating Love Is Blind's Damian Powers.

Damian Invited Francesca To The Love Is Blind Reunion Special

Everybody Wants Francesca

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In Netflix's three-episode Love Is Blind: After The Altar special, the contestants who appeared in the series got together to celebrate the second anniversary of the show's final weddings. Joining them for the celebration was Francesca. She was invited by Damian, who had left Giannina Gibelli at the altar. However, the pair began dating again after the show. Allegedly, Francesca and Damian were just friends at the time.

Damian & Giannina Broke Up Over Francesca

Francesca Is Irresistible

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After Giannina found out that Francesca was invited to the reunion by Damian without informing her, she wasn't happy with him. The entire situation got out of hand. Giannina told Francesca to stay away from Damian and walked away. Francesca later told Damian he wasn't completely honest with her as she had no idea how serious he was with Giannina.

Damian's betrayal prompted the 27-year-old to leave the celebration. This later led to Giannina and Damian's split.

As for Damian's relationship with Francesca, according to him, they were never together. In an August 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Damian shut down any rumors regarding him and Francesca. "Francesca and I are not dating or romantically involved but remain friends," he said of his relationship with the reality star. Rumors of a possible romance between them began after Francesca and Damian were spotted holding hands outside a restaurant.

Three days ago, Yahoo! reported that Damian and Giannina are back together, and this news may shock some Love Is Blind fans. Despite their checkered past, they're enjoying this new phase. In particular, Giannina seems ecstatic. She's been gushing about her partner, and recently said, as per the publication:

"Like, every single day, waking up next to each other and going to the gym together. I don’t want to lose this, and I didn’t."

Luckily, things worked out for them. Hopefully, there's no hesrtbreak in the distance. She seems smitten, but as reality fans surely know, when it comes to these relationships, nothing is guaranteed. In the future, the couple will probably share a lot of updates as Giannina is quite open about her life.

Damian may post on IG more that she's back in his life.

Francesca Farago Is Expecting A Baby With Jesse Sullivan

She's Happier Than Ever

Francesca was always a femme fatale on reality TV. However, after the reality stints discussed above, she has changed. She's finally happy with the right person, TikTok sensation Jesse Sullivan. In the clip above, Francesca shows off a new kind of beauty. She's about four months pregnant and while she's still as sexy as she's always been, she's got that mother-to-be-glow.

In the video, she shared some recent highlights, as of June 2024, including festival fun with her partner, shots of her cute baby bump, and a truly adorable white dog. She seems more innocent and joyful now. Perhaps her days of romantic game-playing are finally over. The new Francesca, who owns a successful swimwear brand and reigns as an Instagram queen, is at peace. She can't stop smiling.

Life with Jesse is good. Francesca and Jesse are affectionate, always laughing and touching. This doesn't seem like a high-drama relationship. Francesca had a lot of those, and she was no angel. However, people change. She's maturing - and impending motherhood looks so good on her.

Damian's Quiet, But Harry Jowsey's In The News

He's Francesca's Most Famous Ex

Her former "sort of" flame, Damian, is very quiet online - he hasn't posted since 2021, and that post is seen above. He talked about what men do when women "think they're cheating." Is he protesting too much? Maybe, and there's some reason why he's lying low online. Maybe reality fame was too much for him. It's hard to adjust to that loss of privacy.

However, her most famous ex. Harry, is still in the news. The bad boy, who is known for his vulgar conduct with women, is a Perfect Match season 2 star. He and his costar Jessica Vestal are making headlines. Recently, the show's host, Nick Lachey, called him out for living up to his bad boy reputation while supposedly trying to change.

Possibly, this leopard will never change his spots. When Harry's bad, it's good for business. He gets cast because of his antics.

Harry's in the hot seat because he got too cozy with Melinda Melrose while romancing Jessica. However, these women were perhaps naive to expect anything else. Francesca is better off with Jesse, who seems totally devoted. The way Jesse looks at Francesca says it all. She returns his love, so it's all good.

Francesca was on the Love Is Blind: After the Altar three-part reunion simply because she was asked to attend by Damian. While there is no indication they had a romantic relationship at the time, they did connect on Perfect Match season 1. However, Francesca and Damian broke up on the show before even trying to make it work in the real world. Damian had hinted that they might get back together someday. He didn't seem to be able to accept the end of their relationship. Now, things are different.

Sources: Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo!, Damian Powers/Instagram, Francesca Farago/Instagram

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Why Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Is On Love Is Blind (2024)
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